“Until you experience a session with her, you will not understand the shift that happens afterwards. She has helped me through difficult life adjustments as well as personal hurdles. She has a very calming and inviting disposition. If you want your life to change and you have been stuck in a rut with traditional therapies, CONTACT HER..”


“It is surreal how energetic healing works. I've been to therapy, it never helped, and it never made me feel as good as one session with Lauren. With only one session with Lauren, I felt much better. I felt a sense of clarity and peace. A single session with Lauren equals months in therapy. Lauren makes you feel at ease the moment the you walk in, she truly has a healing gift. I have had 2 sessions with Lauren and looking forward to more! ”


I don't understand how it works, and I have stopped trying. Whatever Lauren does is a freaking miracle.

She communicates with your body and heart preventing my mind from interjecting rationale.  I have had five sessions with her thus far and have overcome hurdles that seemed like mountains in therapy.  I am addressing emotional baggage and did not notice a difference in how I felt right away, but the people around me said I was "more engaged."  The walls I erected "to protect" my heart are slowly coming down.  Allowing me to experience more love each day.

Old stubborn wounds have officially healed and communicating my feelings are a non-issue now.

I would recommend Lauren to anyone with an open mind who wants to live beyond the status quo.


Lauren is amazing! I've had 3 sessions with her and I'll be back for more If you're ready to free yourself from beliefs that are no longer serving you, this is definitely the way to go. I've seen dramatic changes in my life and 2 of my closest friends are now seeing Lauren as well.”


After doing years of therapy and personal growth work, I found that I still was experiencing "blockages" in my life.  These blockages were keeping me from truly attaining what I wanted.  Then I found Lauren. 

After just one session, I felt LIGHTER.  After ten sessions, my life had been completely transformed.  My relationship with myself, my family, and especially with my partner deepened to levels that I had previously never been able to experience before.  I started making money, making self-care a top priority, and sometimes feel so light, I think that I could float away. I cant believe just how much BAGGAGE I had been carrying around.  Old wounds, traumas, and trapped emotions were ruling my life and I didn't even know it.  Lauren helped to bring all of this up and OUT of me.  She is kind and sweet and offers a truly amazing space for healing.  I am so appreciative of her and everything she has helped me with. THANK YOU LAUREN."


"I'm definitely a skeptic when it comes to this stuff, but Lauren's work has improved my energy and well being drastically. I feel more balanced, centered, and have a better perspective. Her work has allowed me to work through my issues and pain (emotional and physical) in a more thorough and active way than years of therapy did. 
I cannot give her enough credit when it comes to how I am now capable of dealing with my stress and anxiety in a healthy way.
I highly recommend energy healing and Lauren has a gift! She is easy to talk to and it's clear that she values her work and her clients." 


Lauren is an incredible person! I really can't describe exactly what she does, however I can say that she has helped me enormously. She has helped me grow as a person and a professional. She is extremely welcoming and her dog helps with the process. She gets to the root of the problem and works her way through childhood to present. 

Lauren always makes herself available and is extremely responsive and professional. My life has transformed and I continue to see the benefits of my work with Lauren. Similar to typical therapy, Lauren uses talk but she also uses non-traditional healing methods which allowed me to take my life to the next level. She is commented and passionate about her work and I always felt that she was heavily invested in helping me change and heal. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who is ready to commit to making a change and work through every little old stubborn habit and thought. 

I cannot say enough positive things about Lauren. She is AMAZING!


"Long Distance Client : I have had 3 Long - Distance sessions with lauren and looking forward to more! 

After my first session with lauren I had several sales on my website and had booked my very first client ever! (she found me randomly!)  That let me know that I had experienced a shift that allowed me to accept money for my gifts.

I specifically healed pain around money. After seeing lauren, I no longer play the "negative" game. I used to let my account go as far down to 0 or negative as possible. now I enjoy keeping my money up. Somehow wealth feels ok with me now. Also.. I've started to have more intimate connections with people. I'm starting to really open up, and I'm very thankful for lauren. 

If you're playing "broke" or just feel stuck.. highly recommend."


"Personally, I can recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to change their life for good. Lauren has helped me so much to get over my anxiety, and weight loss, its incredible  what I have accomplished thanks to her. The whole process is gradual, and I started feeling a difference in my self steam and energy since the first session. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a positive change in their life."