Transformational Coaching Process

     The signature concept behind Rock Transformational Coaching is a Coach and Clear approach , a system developed out of a desire to help those around me get the peace of mind and big breakthroughs that they so deeply desired.  I found that more traditional approaches such as traditional therapy and coaching, self help, yoga, meditations types of alternative healing methods such as Reiki, homeopathic treatments, and nutritional counseling were only getting my clients so far. It seemed that there were still deep embedded patterns that were causing my clients to remain in emotional and sometimes physical pain. The Total Life Transformation process allows for change at all levels and results oriented coaching that allows for new patterns, people and opportunities to flow into the life of the client to create a life where you are thriving on every level.

     The questions I get asked frequently is what exactly what does this mean and what does it require from the client and the coach? What I’ve discovered through over a decade coaching all types of clients from children on the autistic spectrum to some of the world’s top leaders in the entertainment and business world is that core change only happens from the inside out. When life seems to be cyclical with the same frustrating patterns repeating themselves year after year, it means that at some level there are trapped traumas that need to be examined and resolved. These core patterns are often imprinted within our subconscious mind through early childhood experiences, inherited genetically in our family of origin, and acquired during the process of living (such as divorce, difficulty grieving the loss of a family member, relationship or business, life threatening illness, or an emotionally difficult relationship or workplace.) 

     For an optimal life, our emotional metabolism needs to function smoothly- meaning our emotions are ingested, digested, and properly assimilated. Unfortunately, this does not always happen in the real world, which causes build-ups of emotional residue that we often call emotional “baggage”. When not addressed, these emotional hot spots create painful pattern where certain situations, people, and topic trigger us deeply inciting anxiety, anger, and depression. When I was going through my own transformational journey, I realized that there was no comprehensive program that merged the benefits of alternative healing methods in addressing core traumas, and yet also incorporated the element of resetting emotional patterns to ones that create radical growth.   

    Creating a gourmet life is very similar to creating a delectable dinner that we are proud to share with the people we love. As we cannot build an exquisite meal from yesterday’s expired ingredients, we also cannot expect to create a juicy new life from the same patterns that haven’t been serving us. This is the concept of Coach and Clear: our signature programs combine the use of many different holistic healing techniques to uproot the dysfunctional beliefs and eliminate the trapped trauma that hinder our ability to love and accept ourselves fully so that there is an emotional receptivity to install and accept expansive beliefs that lead to a life of ineffable beauty, freedom, and limitless possibility.