Signature Packages

    Why does the Coach and Clear Process work so well across keystone topics such as relationships, self confidence, and trauma recovery when others fall short?

    What differentiates this process from other more cerebral, insight based therapy or practical life coaching is that while your past difficult relationships, challenging upbringing, traumatic accidents or incidents and sometimes unexplained stresses and phobias can be understood intellectually, the energetic charge of the trauma stays lodged in your body!  In life challenges can be inevitable, but using this revolutionary method we all have the power to release trapped trauma and dissolve negative emotional charges transforming your life and allowing you to remain a more resilient version of yourself.    

    All of our signature programs have been extensively tested and tailored for maximum efficacy. The Transformation Process uses the most potent healing modalities or The Emotion Code, Theta Healing, Reiki Tumo, NLP along with countless other methods tested for their ability to release unprocessed emotions and limiting beliefs.  As we’ve designed our offerings to be short term, results oriented systems, we offer packages of 12 sessions in order to facilitate maximum change in a short amount of time. Depending on your whatever suits your needs best, there are 3 ways to experience this work:


1. 1 on 1 with Lauren Rock


2. Heal at a Transformational Small Group Retreat


3. Join our 12 week Transformational Group Coach and Clear Process

What is this Breakthrough to Me Process?

I create a carefully curated group of conscious individuals (24 or less participants) that come together weekly to heal deep trauma and limiting beliefs in order to transform their lives.

Each group is formed based on common wounds (Recovering from Abusive Relationships, Destructive Maternal and Paternal Relationships, Struggles with Self Esteem (see full offerings below.) The bonding and community formed during this process is profound. You will get access to a private Facebook Page which will serve as a portal for connection, communication and support between our sessions. Many groups choose to meet outside our sessions and form regional retreats to connect and support one another. 


The Details:

 Each week, you will have a sacred two hour time slot where we convene on a private healing call.

The first part of our trauma clearing call is a potent coaching and perspective changing explorations of themes relevant to the trauma topic we are tackling that day. If you miss the live call, don't worry! We will record it and the clearings are just as effective if you listen to them later as long as you create a sacred and uninterrupted space to internalize and metabolize the clearing.  

The second part of the weekly clearing is a potent energetic healing and deep dive to recover parts of your abandoned self.

These calls are powerful! Like my life changing 1:1 coaching these calls take place telephonically and not on video as I have found that visual triggers often awaken the ego  and keep us out of our deepest healing states. Most people have never experienced a healing telephonically but energy is non-local and healing can be transmitted from great distances with life changing results. This is a "need to experience it to understand it" experience.   

The third part of the call, allow participants to call in and get a 15 targeted 1:1 healing on their particular issue or what is surfaced during the first 2 parts of the call. EACH PARTICIPANT WILL GET 2 OPPORTUNITIES TO HAVE ME WORK DIRECTLY WITH THEM DURING OUR 12 WEEK PROCESS. Meanwhile, listening while another participant is cleared is POWERFUL!!!! There is something called the "borrowing effect" which allows the healing they receive to be equally as potently experienced by you, if you allow yourself the undisturbed space and fully participating in the clearing that is underway. 

 Enrollment is continuous and the group begins when we reach 24 members. Early enrollment is recommended, because once we reach full enrollment, we close admission and a group focused on your theme may not be available for a full calendar year!  












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