Who Is Lauren Rock? 

From an early age, I was deeply troubled by the amount of pain and struggle I saw in the world around me.  As an empath and intuitive, I observed people caught in a loop of pain and disfunction that seemed insurmountable.   Even those who were financially well off and seemingly "had it all" still seemed deeply troubled and unsatisfied in other aspects of their lives.  I knew on a deep level that most people were "stuffing" pain instead of processing it.  

     On a personal level, I was no stranger to struggle.  My life while privileged in many ways it was filled with a myriad of challenges from being a child in the middle of a contentious divorce with well intentioned but emotionally unavailable parents to enduring years of bullying all while experiencing significant health crises that doctors couldn't explain nor solve. I knew that if was to heal, it would be me who would do the healing as the health care professionals and psychologists I met sent me away without answers and with only the solace that I was "one of the most resilient individuals they had ever met."  

     At the same time as I was healing myself,  I was sought out from the early age for wisdom both by my peers and by those many years my senior.  It became my life mission to help others lighten their emotional load while finding the answers I so desperately longed for myself. I became passionate about learning how to do get other (and myself) out of pain as quickly as possible and I would not settle for anything less that total transformation.

     While I was enjoying success in the business world after graduating from UCLA and starting a children's program and tutoring company that grew to be well respected within Los Angeles, I knew that I was playing small.  The children I was mentoring were changing at a rapid pace-anxiety disorders were disappearing, the relationships with their families were transforming before my eyes and the more time I spent with these kids, the quicker they improved.  I needed to figure out why I was getting the kind of dramatic results that had alluded  psychologists, teachers and academic coaches. and I was compelled to create a system that could be offered on a larger scale to bring relief and transformation to those who were ready for it.

    In my mid-twenties, I started to bring together the most effective coaching and healing techniques from my 30 year journey of academic and spiritual inquiry.  As a businesswoman with a hectic professional life, I found that many methods did not deliver results in a timely or practice manner. My signature system, the “Rock Transformation Process” was created from this need for "result based coaching" and very quickly my client's lives began to change dramatically and universally and my private practice grew quickly. I found that I was able to offer my clients coaching that delivered high impact results session after session.  I have had the privilege of offering this highly effective method of transformation to clients and groups around the world as well as speaking most recently at UCLA, Equinox and the Women XX Project.  I am excited to offer 4 retreat opportunities in 2017 that will allow those who are brave, bold and ready for total transformation to have this experience in a powerful and intimate group setting in some of the most beautiful locations around the world.  Please join us if you feel called.